Bon Voyage!

When you think of birthday gifts, one typically thinks of gift cards, cash money, or a nice bottle of fragrance, right? well, I received a cruise for a birthday gift with less than 4 weeks to make it happen. Not working with much time, flight prices were ridiculously high, therefore I tried choosing the least expensive cruise ship.

I’ve been on several cruises, but it was a 1st for my boyfriend. He had a ton of questions. His career being all about quality control, safety was his main concern. Honestly, I think first timers are typically concerned about safety; what’s the notification system in case of emergency, what is done to keep germs at a minimum, is there law enforcement on board, etc? Let me inform you, once onboard, your fears will quickly go away. Cruise lines are subjected to all kinds of regulations, plus on every cruise, passengers are required to attend a safety drill, and you will also see the hard-working crew working around the clock to ensure all is going well ;).

Aside from his safety concern, he was over the moon excited and had imagined a relaxing and serene environment, leisurely dinners, chilling by the pool, starring out into the universe from our balcony, a relaxing getaway, if you will. Welp, he quickly found out this particular cruise was a little more stimulating than he expected, the two pools were small, and our balcony space didn’t feel as private.

However, the Service was the best!! Everyone went above and beyond, from the check-in people to the people cleaned our rooms to the people who served dinner. The impeccable service got him wanting more. He can’t wait to experience another cruise. One other thing he took away from this cruise; cruising isn’t ALL about the ship; it’s about the places you visit and tours. Key west and Cozumel being apart of our stops we couldn’t wait to taste the best key lime pie in the country and swim with the dolphins ;).

Final Thoughts We were pleased by how the trip turned out. He went to turn down, I went to turn up. hehehe. We both got what we wanted. The great appeal of cruising is that it’s an escape from the hassles and chores of real life, to a place where you’re pampered, entertained and given opportunities to have new experiences. We look forward to our next one.

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