Business Spotlight: City Block Candles, LLC

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Jennifer Alexander is the founder and CEO of City Block Candles, LLC, in Chicago, IL. Like many entrepreneurs, she decided to follow her vision in pursuing her own business.

City Block Candles, LLC, pays homage to growing up in an urban city. Time spent on the BLOCK evokes memories that can never be erased. Names like Summer Thai'm Chai, Hyde-Away-Park, and Local Laundry Mat are a few of our favorites. Enjoy one of their candle jars or relax and literally melt away in moments of nostalgia with our wax tarts. Our products are made with American grown soy beans.

We caught up with Jennifer to learn more about her business and the candle making journey.

Sassy Thrifters: How did you come up with your business name City Block Candles?

City Block Candles, LLC: I am a Chi-Town girl at heart. Unapologetically born and raised in “the hood”, Englewood to be exact. The name pays homage to childhood memories that connect to the block where I was born, raised, and spent my formative years.

Sassy Thrifters: What is unique about City Block Candles that sets you a part from other candle lines?

City Block Candles, LLC: The name alone, when anyone meets another Chicago native their first connection is to a side of town. From there the question is usually what block did you grow up on? Names like Hyde-Away-Park and Lakefront Breeze are synonymous to the Chi-Town experience and vibe.

Sassy Thrifters: Where do you get inspiration for the fragrances?

City Block Candles, LLC: The fragrance names are again a way to strike up conversation and moments of nostalgia. Who wouldn’t want to know more about your Summer Thai’M Chai experience?

Sassy Thrifters: How long have you been making candles?

City Block Candles, LLC: I started making candles during the pandemic, specifically when jobs where in jeopardy. I knew that I needed to pivot and find a way to diverse my income. I’m always creating and crafting, candles came naturally.

Sassy Thrifters: What is your favorite part about being a candle maker?