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Business Spotlight: Flawless Boss Collection

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Catching up with the CEO of Flawless Boss Collection was very exciting! This young entrepreneur truly has it going on and is very inspiring. For someone who has absolutely no background in business, marketing or sales, she has truly proven to the world, that you can do anything you put your mind too.

In addition to learning more about her business, I really admired her transparency in sharing that her business was birthed as a coping mechanism helping her to handle her depression and anxiety. There are numerous individuals who suffer with mental health and are ashamed to talk about it. By discovering her hidden talent and creativity with this coping mechanism, she has truly found her passion. In talking with her, you would have never known her mental health challenges. She has such a beautiful spirit.

Check out her interview below and be sure to support her small business!

ST: How and why did you decide to start a craft and beauty business?

FBC: To be honest, I was tired of working for other people. When the pandemic happened, I had to take time to actually sit down and ask myself, “What do I really want to do?” I started thinking that if something happened to my job, what else will I have to support my family? I'm a mother of three small children. So I decided to BOSS UP and start my own business. Think about this. Bosses have it easy to a certain extent and make the decisions. So I became a “BOSS”, lol. Initially, I was a nail tech as a side hustle and I discovered that I had a hidden talent with lots of creativity that I never knew I had. My niche was nail design. And before I knew it, it lead me to crafts. I deal with depression and anxiety so I found that doing crafts as a coping mechanism helps me to balance out everything I deal with on a day to day basis. It stops my mind from running in the wrong direction. It's therapy for me.

ST: What products are available in your store? And are there any new products you would like to add in the future?

FBC: Types of products? I do a lot! Lol! Let me see how to answer this, lol. I make lip gloss, organic shea butter and eyelash growth serum, shadow boxes, phone cases, keychains, bling cups/tumblers, notebooks, pop sockets, nail press ons and more. As far as new items.....YES! I can’t tell you exactly what because new ideas are constantly generating all the time.

ST: What do you see as the most challenging?

FBC: Everything is challenging because I'm a new business owner with absolutely no experience or knowledge. So I'm learning and researching as I go. It's also very challenging being a one man show. I’m the sales person, I do the marketing, I package the orders, I make the products, I do it all. So I challenge myself everyday with my business because I am still learning and I want to do it right with superior customer service. Thankfully I have a few close people in my life who are business owners who are always willing to give me guidance.

ST: What is one thing you think customers should know about you?

FBC: When I say I'm going to do something or have my mind set on creating something, TRUST ME, I'm going to get it done or figure it out, lol. I'm very determined. I'm not hesitant to ask questions or even do research. Sometimes it can be challenging trying to get answers or find good Youtube videos that will teach you. But once I figure it out, I create my own tutorial video to help others. I love to help others because there is enough to go around for everyone. I don't care how many other craft or handmade beauty product businesses that are out here. We can build together. I want us all to shine!

ST: What are your goals for Flawless Boss Collection?

FBC: My goal is to expand Flawless Boss Collection into a major retail chain and to continue to provide the best customer service to my customers.

ST: To what do you attribute your success thus far?

FBC: GOD, creativity, talent and my customers.

ST: What is unique about Flawless Boss Collection?

FBC: I offer a nice variety of items, practically your “one stop shop”. If you don't see an item on my website or social media pages, just ask. If you don't see something you're looking for craft related, nine times out of ten, I can make it. I'm almost like a thrift store, you never know what you will see when you visit my website or page.

ST: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

FBC: The best advice I can give is prayer, patience and determination. You may not get the results you want right away, but just continue to pray, have patience and strive for it. Stay dedicated. My mother always taught me that those are the key to success. NEVER GIVE UP! Take a day or two off but get right back at it. You have to wake up everyday and continue fighting for that dream. Your time is coming, you just don’t know when. Keep going!


Flawless Boss Collection

Milwaukee, WI

IG: Flawless Boss Collection

YouTube Channel: Dee Dee

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