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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Tish Daniels is the visionary behind Gloe Stylz boutique. Her love for fashion was instilled in her at a young age, shaping her brand in a number of ways. Since a child, she always knew she had an eye for fashion with her exquisite taste in clothing and dreamed of walking the runway. Her fashion sense embodies chic sophistication and classic innovation with style.

ST: What made you decide to open a boutique?

GS: I have always had an eye for fashion since a child. I had a unique fashion style and always dreamed to walk the fashion runway. Stepping out on faith and with the encouragement from my biggest fan (my husband), I decided to tap into my passion and open a fashion boutique to create my own runway and set a stage for fashion creating it into the style of art at Gloè Stylz.

ST: When did you know this is what you wanted to do?

GS: As a young child growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. As I got more comfortable in my skin and identified who I am, I decided to take daring fashion steps and risk without the care of what others opinions were. I even received complaints from unknown individuals. But I knew that FASHION IS WHAT I BUY AND STYLE OF ART IS WHO I AM!

ST: What have been the highlights?

GS: The highlights have been the learning and growing process of learning the business of fashion. Providing service to my Gloè Queens & Kings ( my customers) and bringing them Gloè is natural for me, however understanding and learning the important attributes of a business owner is the process and journey that has truly been the highlight.

ST: What do you see as the most challenging?

GS: I must say that the most challenging is making sure that you understand and know your audience at all times. Making sure that no matter what the circumstances are, satisfying your customers and staying consistent while providing exceptional customer service is very important to me. It is not always about the sells, but the building of relationships with your customers.

ST: What do you enjoy the most about being a boutique owner?

GS: I love the fashion and putting the style into art form. I love dressing my customers from head to toe and the networking process that comes along with being a boutique owner.

ST: Where would you like your boutique to lead you?

GS: The boutique will lead us to becoming very well known throughout the United States touching all walks of life providing services all over. THE ONE STOP SHOP

ST: What type of items are available in your store? And are there any new items you would like to add in the future?

GS: Women apparel, hats, accessories and purses. We are adding shoes and women’s Siberian Mink Eye Lashes in the very near future.

ST: What is your favorite part about being a boutique owner?

GS: Putting fashion together creating unique 'Stylz' for our customers.

ST: What is one thing you think customers should know about your boutique that they may not be aware of?

GS: We are more about quality than quantity. Every item that we offer in the boutique I also own. If I will not wear it, I will not add it to our amazing inventory for my customers. We also offer personal styling for all occasions and a service where we will help you clean out your closet and show you how to upcycle (recycle your clothes). Lastly, we always customize clothing for a look only for you.


Tish Daniels | FB: Gloe Stylz

(708) 879-2602



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