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Business Spotlight: Hand Candy, Couture Leather Pieces

Sassy Thrifters had an opportunity to catch up with the talented Naketa Grant, an African American clothing designer and founder of Hand Candy Couture Leather Pieces (HCCLP). In speaking with Naketa, it’s apparent that she loves the power of clothing and how you can control how you are perceived and what you communicate via the transformative quality of couture. Each piece of her clothing is a work of visual art, her personal clothing DNA. Her custom leather designs have become her staple and have become highly requested due to her personal clothing DNA on each unique item. She stated, ‘Clothing is a language all of its own.’

Read on as Naketa Grant sheds some light on her passion….

ST: How did you come up with your business name Hand Candy Couture Leather Pieces (HCCLP)?

HC: I knew I wanted a name that described my personality, sweet and raw, but fun. So I thought, handbags = hand, sweet and kind = candy, raw and afraid = couture. And there you have it, Hand Candy Couture Leather Pieces.

ST: What was your biggest fear when you decided to launch your clothing line?

HC: I am a private person and wasn’t sure if I was ready to come from behind the scenes. As artists, we are sensitive about our craft, so I also wasn’t sure if I was ready to receive AND accept the feedback.

ST: What makes you different from other leather clothing lines?

HC: I would have to say my raw couture designs, daring cuts and the styles that I create with along with my personal connection with my supporters.

ST: Where do you get inspiration for the designs?

HC: My inspiration comes from a variety of things like music, people, old memories and even scents. Pretty much from anything that can spark an emotion.

ST: What motivated you to start a clothing line?

HC: I initially got my motivation in the mid 2000’s after designing leather accessories with my sister Tameka for her leather accessory line Sassy Riez. Then I went on to creating my line of leather clutches and handbags only for family and close friends. But then the public would stare literally buying our items off of my sister Tameka and I. LOL! Then that’s when I decided to launch HCCLP.

ST: How long have you been designing?

HC: I have been designing for over 10yrs now.

ST: What is your favorite part about being a designer?

HC: Everything. Taking an idea and creating something amazing.

ST: Are there any other plans for Hand Candy that do not include clothing?

HC: Absolutely! I’m currently working on a project called “Glo’ Up Goddess” that is focused on strengthening and encouraging young ladies and women to search deep within themselves and become new all over again. STAY TUNED!!

ST: Where can people purchase merchandise or place orders? HC: You can place orders and follow Hand Candy on Instagram at “Hand Candy Girl” as well as details on all of Sassy Thrifters market dates, pop up shops and other vending events around Chicago and surrounding areas.

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