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Flawless Boss Collection

"Beauty Meets Mental Health”

Flawless Boss Collection was created as a coping mechanism tool to assist the founder with her anxiety and depression starting from childhood trauma into adulthood. To promote healing with self-love, self-acceptance, and confidence, Flawless Boss Collection helps customers nurture their minds while using products that are meant to make them feel empowered and beautiful with packaging that features affirmations. Every product was specifically named with an affirmation word or statement to encourage the customer navigating through their mental health: My Story, Freedom, Healing, Girl Get Up (eyelashes), Valuable, Self-Worth, Strength, Fearless, Brave (lipgloss and lipstick), and Breath, Break The Silence, and FLY - First Love Yourself, and Resilience (lip liners) to name a few.

FB: Flawless Boss Collection

IG: Flawless Boss Collection


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