Remember Your Wedding Day as Special, Not Expensive…

Prepare for a sneak peek inside one Sassy Thrifter’s frugal journey to a glamourous wedding day.

On the other end of wedding vows is a LIFETIME commitment that only a small percentage of couples seem to stick with. Yet so many brides-to-be are engrossed with the material aspect of the wedding! In my opinion, something about that is a little off. What message are we conveying when the majority of our attention is directed at everything surrounding a wedding instead of being concerned with the longevity of the union?

I digress. We’ll save that topic for another blog.

We (ST) had an opportunity to get up close and personal with newlywed, Shavada Givens (SG) to ask a few personal questions all while getting the details of what it costs to have a dream wedding on budget.

ST: What are you most looking forward to about being married?

SG: Working as a team, building our faith, family trips, and raising two (2) girls to be self-sufficient.

ST: How did you grow as a couple during your engagement?

SG: Becoming team players and improvising comes to mind. Sticking with a budget and being mindful that there’s life to live after the wedding is over. We’ve grown to work well with one another to obtain both our wants.

ST: What goals do you and your husband have?

SG: Our goals are to become baptized Jehovah’s Witnesses and serve where the need is great.

ST: How long did you prepare for your dream wedding and how have you taken time for yourself during wedding preparation?

SG: I’ve prepared for one year. Attending the Kingdom Hall and relying on Jehovah for strength are ways I’ve taken time out for myself.

ST: Is it really possible to have a dream wedding on a budget?

SG: Absolutely. I’m a Dollar Land, Dollar Store, thrift Queen. Anything purchased retail was off a clearance rack or discontinued aisle. I’ve paid full price for a few things but 80% of my wedding was DIY.

ST: What was your inspiration?

SG: I’ve changed my theme a few times. It started off eclectic but peacocks became my inspiration. I love what peacocks symbolize, and the colors are rich and royal.

Check out a few photos of items bought at Dollar Store, Dollar Land, various thrift stores, estate sales, Hobby Lobby, clearance racks, and a few personal sentimental items.


My rental space was my BIGGEST ticket item although we saved $1,700. We rented Aquatorium Beach House in Gary, IN from 8am to 12am, $1,800 for the entire building. We were able to bring our own caterer and beverages.


Wedding Dress purchased at $190 from Mom & Pop Boutique


Brooch bouquet was handmade by me. Brooches were purchased during Sassy Thrifters’ Estate Sale Tours and Thrifting in Chicago Bus Tours


Bride Maid dresses were $60

Hair Accessories:

Bride’s Maids hair ornaments were purchased at Burlington for $2.99 – $4.99

Bridesmaids wristlets:

Bride’s Maids pearl wristlets were purchased at Dollar Land on Cicero & Fullerton on the North side of Chicago


Boutonnières for $7 each from Hobby Lobby. They were 50% off

Bird Centerpieces:

Styrofoam birds were discontinued at Hobby Lobby which brought the price to $3 per bird. I applied glitter paint and glued feathers to create an elegant centerpiece


My blinged bird cage center pieces were my focal point at our reception

Candy Jars:

Candy jars were purchased in 2006 ranging from $5-$10. I purchased Dollar Store jewelry and bling wrap to drape around the vases


My cardboard peacock arch was my focal point for my wedding.


Purchased jumping broom from Amazon for $14.99. Glued Dollar Store earrings down the stick, and stuck in as many feathers as I could to give it an elegant look

Guest Book

I created our guest sign-in book. I “blinged out” a bird cage template and glued a peacock necklace on top

Wishing Well


  • Caterer charged $15 per plate

  • A friend printed my programs and menu for FREE

  • Purchased 200 feathers for $20 from Amazon

Overall, my Husband and I are extremely pleased with everything :). We are glad the day came and went. We’re happy to restore order in our home by gaining our living, dining and bedroom space back. LOL. We’re looking forward to our upcoming Honeymoon and spending the rest of our lives together.

Hope we have inspired you. If interested in any of my assistance, I’m into the business of … Granting Wishes :). New business venture to come.

Thanks Shavada Givens for taking time from your day to share with our readers about your inspiration and ways to get the dream wedding within your budget.

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