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Thrifted clothing, accessories, and housewares. In addition, we carry products created by black business owners (candles, body butters, soaps, ect).

We are the thrifters thrift store!

Our store is as much about community building as it is shopping. Our intention is to serve as a community hub for economic empowerment and growth. We seek to create a symbiotic ecosystem for buying, donating, empowering, and recycling within the Black community as well as the community at large.

We started our journey in 2017 at vendor events, pop up shops, online, and shopping events in our founder’s home. In January of 2021 we opened our brick-and-mortar store. Individuals can donate, shop, sell items, or engage with us in a variety of other ways.

It is within this space that we seek to have our greatest impact. We provide a place for Black entrepreneurs to sell their products. We fundraise for non-profit organizations, and we give donated items to shelters and community causes.


2517 W. 59th St.

Chicago, IL 60629

(708) 612-8272

FB: Thrift

IG: Thrift

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