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Trendy Trendy Style

"I like to put a smile on my Customer's face when they purchase my items. I know that Little girls, young ladies, women etc. like bling pieces. We like sterling silver jewelry. We like pretty or nice beaded jewelry. Also, when I'm making my customized pieces I put my heart into it. Also, when I pick my sterling silver jewelry pieces to sell. I pick what I like and what I think my customers would like."

Trendy Trendy Style is an online business selling the following:

  • Sterling silver jewelry

  • Some stainless steel pieces and gold plated pieces

  • Custom beaded jewelry

  • Sunglasses

  • Scarves

  • Bling centerpieces, notebooks, picture frames, sunglasses

  • Birthday, wedding, jewelry boxes

  • Customizes Bling ink pens

  • Brooches and jogging sets

Please inbox or email to place an order.

FB: TrendyTrendyStyle

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