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Sassy Thrifters promotes a frugal yet quality life style that not only includes fashion & home décor, but overall wellness. It’s a life style! In supporting Sassy Thrifters you in turn support a community who seeks to educate, recycle, network, and a platform to bless others.

Meet Ms. Sassy

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Sassy Thrifters is a community of fashionable, cents-saving shoppers affectionately known as “Sassies”. We are practical purchasers, polished and perfectly put together and only pay a tiny fraction of the cost for those top-selling brands.

Tameka Thompson, AKA Ms. Sassy, started thrifting as a way to connect to her heavenly mother who was a Thrift Goddess! As a child, Ms. Sassy despised when her mother purchased her items second hand. Ironically, thrifting was therapy for her mother and she found herself utilizing the same coping tool to keep her spirit ALIVE in her. She founded Sassy Thrifters in April 2015 when her passion for thrifting grew into a movement of over 38,000 like-minded members.

Ms. Sassy believes in being a resource to bring people together to connect, network, and support each other while building lasting friendships through the love of thrifting. Through Sassy Thrifters, she has the opportunity to honor her mother by sharing her love of thrifting with the world.

Her mission is to dispel the myth that only “poor” people thrift and to build a community of people who live an amazing lifestyle without breaking the bank & draining the trust fund money (smile). Her words of wisdom is to “Feel the fear, but do not allow it to paralyze you. You would not believe how many are waiting for you to share what you have to offer. Give the people what they want and need.”

Sassy Thrifters is not just a group of people who thrift shop all day. We are a community who loves to help others. We’re members who make positive marks and impacts on whomever we come into contact with; who continually circulate dollars within Black communities by financially supporting Black-owned businesses in Chicago and across the nation; and who all just so happen to “get high on low prices.” Sassy Thrifters is a celebration of a lifestyle of shopping with a purpose for a multitude of uses.

The social media group started with “Thrifting in Chicago” and Estate Sale bus tours and since then, has evolved into doing community events such as Vendor Markets, community donation drives, mommy makeovers, health & wellness, book clubs, travel, quarterly DIY workshops and so much more! Since then, our platform has grown to over 38K members.

We promote a frugal yet quality lifestyle that transcends fashion & home décor, but overall wellness. It’s a life style! Supporting Sassy Thrifters will allow you to support a community who seeks to educate, recycle, empower, network, and be a blessing to others!

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