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Sassy Thrifters promotes a frugal yet quality life style that not only includes fashion & home décor, but overall wellness. It’s a life style! In supporting Sassy Thrifters you in turn support a community who seeks to educate, recycle, network, and a platform to bless others.

Sassies Care


Sassies Care is a 501C(3) organization dedicated to connecting the dots by providing assistance and resources to support economic stability within our communities. The parent company Sassy Thrifters, has a membership base of almost 40,000 across the U.S. with 21,000 residing in the Chicago, IL area. Pre-pandemic, there were close to one million Illinois children living at an income level that is below 200% of the federal poverty level—an income researchers say is necessary to meet basic household expenses. The pandemic has only worsened the situation. Poverty takes a physical and mental toll not only on families, but children as well. It can impact their long-term health, ability to learn, and even future earnings. Government and state programs provided significant help to people in need. But we are not back to pre-pandemic employment levels. The impact of the pandemic will remain with us for years. COVID has wrought devastating economic and emotional damage. According to a December 2020 report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, there were notable increases in food insecurity, inability to pay rents or mortgages, lack of health insurance, depression and hopelessness among adults with children. Many of these families have relied on Sassies Care for assistance with food, housing, clothing and employment.  We serve primarily lower-middle-class families, and the working poor.

Our annual fundraising event allows us to raise additional funds to assist our communities with food, clothing, relocation assistance, transportation stipends for job interviews and employment, housing assistance with security deposit/rent and so much more. The families in our community would not have this assistance were it not for the work of Sassies Care.

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