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Looking to earn extra money as you purge your closet?

Are you a Reseller, Thrift Store or Boutique owner looking to reach new clients? 

Have a product or service to share?




Now tell me where on Facebook you can potentially earn anywhere from $200 up to a $1,000 for ONE HOUR? It's like having your own QVC/HSN hour! How great is that? 

Facebook LIVE Shopping Hour | 1 Hour ----$50.00 (With or Without Virtual Assistant)


Schedule a one hour time slot to host a Facebook LIVE shopping experience with the Sassy Thrifters Platform from the comfort of your home or business. We have been in existence since July 2015 and have a strong supportive community of 38k+.

Fee includes:

  • 1 hour Coaching Session (anything afterwards a fee is required).

  • Access to our platform audience

  • Promotion of your LIVE Sale on our Sassy Thrifters LIVE Facebook business page and group

  • Event creation on our Sassy Thrifters LIVE Facebook business page and group allowing you to invite your following/customers

  • Use of our Loyal Shops Virtual Assistant, which is a software that automatically captures your sales allowing you to focus on selling and invoicing. A generated report will be sent to you after your scheduled LIVE.


  • NEW SELLERS: All new sellers are required to do an Orientation Zoom with our Logistics Manager regarding our platform. Please allow a two day grace period within the date you would like to book. If your booking is within the next two days at the time of booking, you will either be rescheduled to a different date and time OR you will be refunded.

  • NO selling of Replicas, Counterfeit, or Inspired By Items.

  • Facebook LIVES should ONLY include the customer who purchased the LIVE. NO ADDITIONAL SELLERS nor advertisement for any other business other than the customer is permitted.

  • Due to Facebook restrictions, and to avoid your LIVE from being muted by Facebook, no music is allowed during your LIVE.

SAME DAY bookings are not allowed due to scheduling availability.


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